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Ground covering by McVey Mowing at Columbia, MO home's front yard with flowers and river gravel.

Mulch & Rock Installation in Columbia, MO

Make your home or business landscaping beds look brand new with fresh mulch and rock installation services. Popular choices in the Columbia area include cedar mulch and river rock.

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Make your landscaping more vibrant by installing new mulch and rock ground covers.

Mulch and rock are the two most common ground covers used in landscaping beds, plants, and even potted plants. Laying vibrant mulch or rock as a finishing touch to your landscaping beds provides amplified curb appeal and also adds health benefits to your plants. These ground covers come in a variety of colors and materials, which provide additional nutrition and protection to your soil and plant life.

Columbia, MO front yard with new dark mulch around bushes and flowers by McVey Mowing.

Popular Mulch & Rock in Columbia, MO.

We offer a wide variety of mulches and decorative rock for your landscaping beds. Here are some of the most popular choices we install for our customers in the Columbia area:

  • Rock: Rainbow or River Rock
  • Mulch: Cedar, Double Ground Hardwood Bark, Colored, & Wood Chips

Mulch and rock are both great choices and offer very different aesthetic properties, however, there are some differences in the benefits. Mulch is more cost effective, easier to install, and also adds organic matter to your landscaping beds. Rock is more expensive up-front, but more cost-effective in the long run as it lasts much longer. During rock installs, we always use commercial grade weed barrier (weed-mat) to ensure weeds don't pop through.

Replenishing Ground Covers

Keeping up with your landscaping includes replacing your mulch and rock on a routine basis. We recommend yearly mulch refreshment and bi-yearly rock refreshment. Replenishing your rock and mulch keeps your landscaping looking fresh and well-maintained. The best time of the year to refresh ground covers is in late spring, just as the growing season is starting.

When installing new mulch or rock, it's important to hire a professional like us not only because it is a labor-intensive task, but to ensure it is installed correctly. To receive maximum benefits, both rock and mulch should be laid 2-3 inches thick. We have the ability to measure your beds and calculate the proper amount needed to properly cover.

Benefits of Mulch & Rock

Rock mulch creek bed for erosion prevention near Columbia, MO.

Why do you need ground coverings for your landscaping beds? Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, there are multiple benefits that come with laying mulch and rock in your landscape.

  1. Mulch and rock covering conserves moisture by covering the soil and limiting water evaporation. This process aids in retaining moisture during dry weather and reduces the amount of watering needed for the landscaping
  2. Mulching your landscaping beds prevents soil erosion by preventing the soil from washing away during rain or routine watering.
  3. A layer of mulch or rock is an excellent form of weed control. The ground covering smothers the weeds and limits their exposure to the sun.
  4. When properly installed, these ground covers act as insulation for the soil and roots, regulating both hot and cold temperatures.
  5. Ground coverings give your landscaping beds much-needed nutrients when using organic material, such as bark mulch. This mulch slowly decomposes, releasing nutrients into the soil.

River rock installed in landscaping bed at Columbia, MO home.

We'll measure your beds and provide a free ground cover installation estimate!

At McVey Mowing, our landscapers are on standby for your mulch and rock necessities. Call (573) 489-3489 today and we'll come out to your property to take all the proper measurements and provide a free estimate on both labor and materials.

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