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Neatly trimmed landscape shrubs in a rock mulch bed near Columbia, MO.

Hedge, Shrub, & Small Tree Trimming Services

Routine trimming and pruning of landscaping keeps your plants at the proper size and shape, but also promotes thicker growth. In Columbia, MO, late winter, spring, and early summer are the best times.

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In the Columbia area, we offer landscape trimming and pruning to keep your plants shaped and promote thicker growth.

Perfectly manicuring hedges, shrubs, and small trees.

In order to have the best-looking trees, shrubs, and bushes in the area, allow our professional landscapers to trim and prune your landscaping. Your greenery needs trimming and pruning and we know exactly when and what to cut. Trimming is necessary in order to keep your landscaping looking sharp, maintain size/shape, and to promote thicker growth. In the Columbia area, trimming and pruning services are recommended at least twice per year.

Freshly trimmed bushes with flowers in Columbia, MO by %name%%.

The Difference Between Trimming & Pruning

Your plants need trimming and pruning to stay healthy, but knowing the difference is key to proper plant care. Trimming is necessary for the removal of overgrown branches. Pruning is a necessity to ensure and improve the health of your plants. Both trimming and pruning help your plants thrive throughout the seasons and make sure your landscaping investment is preserved.

The Benefits of Trimming

Routine trimming on your trees, bushes, and hedges help your greenery:

  • Grow stronger and remain fuller during prime growing seasons
  • Retain a specific size and shape
  • Keep your landscape looking well-manicured and taken care of
  • Helps improve both air circulation and sun exposure to stimulate the growth of your plants

The Positives of Pruning

Pruning gets rid of diseased limbs, branches growing at the wrong angles, and limbs that compete with the central trunk of the tree. Proper pruning helps:

  • Promotes more flowering or fruits
  • Removes dead or diseased branches to allow new branches to re-grow and stop the spread of disease
  • Prevents loose or dead branches from breaking

Round trimmed shrubs in landscaping bed at Columbia home.

Trimming & Pruning by the Seasons

We are well aware of the diverse species your landscaping may have. Different trees, bushes, and shrubs require trimming and pruning at various times during the year. As a general rule, just before or during the growth season is optimal.

Late Winter

This is the most popular time for trimming your plants since they are not actively growing, making branches easier to reach. Problematic branches are exposed so we can get rid of them quickly. The best time in winter to trim is after the coldest part of the season, which helps encourage spring growth.

Spring & Summer

Early spring trimming allows for easy identification of problems before leaves have fully sprouted. Springtime is a good time to locate dead branches and relieve your plants of them.

Summer is the best time to identify weak branches since leaves are now fully sprouted. While it may be difficult to see through all the greenery, it is much easier to determine where the problematic branches may be and get rid of them.

Avoid Trimming During Fall

Fall is the worst time for trimming your greenery! It is not advised to trim or prune your landscaping plants during this time as the cuts take longer to heal with cold weather and dormancy approaching. This could negatively impact the plant and put it at risk for disease or major damage.

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Whether you're looking for routine manicuring of your hedges, or have overgrown landscaping, we'll get the job done perfectly. Give us a call at (573) 489-3489 and we'll discuss your needs and provide an estimate for all of your trimming needs.

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