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Well maintained and fertilized home lawn in Columbia, Missouri.

Fertilization & Weed Control Services in Columbia, MO

Your lawn deserves the best care and protection. Our fertilization and weed control program can help!

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Top-Rated Fertilization & Weed Control Program in Columbia, MO

Our fertilization and weed control program will keep your lawn healthy and protected year-round.

Lawn fertilizer applied to a home property's lawn in , Missouri.

Throughout the year and as the seasons change, our lawns need some extra attention. Winter comes with snow that covers our grass and blocks nutrients and sunlight, while summer comes with heat that our cool-season grasses have trouble withstanding. That is why lawn care programs that keep an eye on your turf and plants based on the time of the year are so important. Our fertilization and weed control program gives your grass roots the nutrients they need to grow strong while protecting against weeds such as crabgrass that might try and steal those nutrients away.

Let us keep our expert eyes on the health of your lawn so that you don't have to. We offer our fertilization and weed control program to homes and businesses in the Columbia, Missouri area.

We tailor our program to your cool-season grass.

In Central and Northern Missouri, our turf is cool-season. This means that our grass grows strongest in the spring and the fall when the weather is cool - but not too cool. Once winter hits, cool-season grass goes dormant to protect itself from the consistent weather that is below 60 degrees. Once spring rolls around, you will be able to see the toll that the snow and debris took on the health of your turf and plants. That is why our lawn care program starts in early spring to get a head start on helping your grass recover from winter!

For the next couple months of the year, we focus on protecting your cool-season grass from the summer heat with fertilization and weed control. Then, after surviving the hot weather, your grass finally gets a break in the fall. At this time, our program is tailored to reverse any damage done from the summer heat and help it prepare for the winter months ahead!

Our clients get to choose how many fertilizer applications they want.

Holding lawn fertilizer in hands for a treatment in , Missouri.

Fertilization is one of the most important services that you can do for your lawn. As mentioned above, weather plays a huge role in when your grass gets nutrients easily on its own and when it might need some assistance. Our program ebbs and flows depending on the time of the year and when your cool-season grass needs some extra help.

It is very common for professional lawn care companies to offer their fertilization service on a set schedule. We, however, understand that every lawn is different and might need more or fewer fertilizer applications than the lawn next door. When signing up for our fertilization service, you can choose between 3 to 5 applications, all spread out throughout the year. If you are unsure about how many applications your lawn will need, our experts are happy to help you choose.

Pre-Emergent vs. Post-Emergent Weed Control

Treating a lawn with effective weed control in Columbia, MO.

Our weed control program offers both pre and post-emergent applications. Pre-emergent weed control protects against weeds that you don't yet see growing above the soil. This application stops the weed seed germination in its tracks and prevents you from ever seeing them. Post-emergent weed control kills weeds that have already grown past the soil. Not only do we treat your grass but we also apply our products to your landscape beds, making this a comprehensive and all-inclusive service.

Common weeds that we see and treat throughout Columbia, Missouri include crabgrass and broadleaf.

Protect your lawn year-round with our fertilization and weed control program.

Our fertilization and weed control program is the best way to help your grass and plants grow their strongest while protecting them against weeds that will steal essential nutrients. If your lawn in Columbia, MO is in need of some TLC and protection this year, give our office a call at (573) 489-3489.

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