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Lawn Mowing Service in Columbia, MO

Top-rated lawn mowing services for homes and businesses in the Columbia area. Our standard lawn services includes proper grass cutting, sharp edging, string-trimming, and even our famous striping.

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Providing Routine Lawn Mowing Service from April through October in Columbia, MO

5-Star Service For Homes & Businesses

The easiest way to keep your lawn looking pristine all year long is to invest in professional lawn mowing. Routine and proper grass cutting is more important for healthy lawn growth than even fertilizer or irrigation. In Columbia, MO, the prime growing season starts in April and goes through the end of October. During this time, we provide weekly (or as needed) mowing services, which will typically be 20-30 cuts per year.

Checkerboard striped mowing service for Columbia, MO homeowner.

Frequency, Height, & Blade Sharpness, the 3 Critical Mowing Factors

Zig zag mowing lines in a large yard near Columbia, MO.

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to cut a lawn for maximum benefits. To do it correctly, we need to be consistent, cut at the proper height, and use sharp blades to ensure we don't tear the grass blades. We also take care to mow in different patterns and use proper equipment, this eliminates ruts and marks within your turf. Here are the three most important factors we take into account when mowing your lawn:

  1. Frequency: Your lawn should be cut regularly and follow the one-third rule, which means mowing should be done often enough that no more than one-third is trimmed at a time. This means weekly mows during the prime growing season and bi-weekly towards the end of the season.
  2. Height: The healthy height for your turf depends on the kind of grass you have. We keep Zoysia and Bermuda grasses to about 1.5-2 inches in height, whereas Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue can be left a little longer and maintain 3-4 inches in height during prime growing seasons. However, we always follow the one-third rule regardless of the current height to ensure healthy regrowth.
  3. Mower Blades: Are they sharp enough? Sharp mower blades are imperative to a healthy cut. We keep ours sharp at all times ensuring your lawn gets a clean cut each time. Mowing with dull blades will tear the grass, causing stress when regrowing.

Circle mowing stripes in backyard for Columbia, MO customer.

Additional Services Included in Lawn Mowing

In addition to providing your typical lawn mowing, we provide edging, string trimming, and blowing services. We provide customers with a full-service experience that allows you to spend your precious time on other chores or doing something you love.

Our edging services create crisp, clean lines along your driveway, sidewalks, and landscaping beds. With string trimming, our landscapers use high-powered equipment to hit those hard-to-reach areas around trees, landscaping, your house, and other buildings. We complete your mowing with blowing services which remove any hint of grass clippings from your sidewalk, driveway, or patio.

One other little touch we add is striping for our customers. You may have noticed from our photos, we can do standard stripes, checkerboard, or circular patterns. These are a great way to make your lawn stand out from the rest! When our services are over, your home will be meticulous.

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School campus with lawn mowing service near Columbia, MO.

The best lawn services that you can find in Columbia, MO are only a phone call away! We recommend that you check out our online reviews and then give us a call at (573) 489-3489 for a free price quote.

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